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If you need to apply for, renew or replace a passport, or have any other passport enquiry, you can contact us, all passport problems answered with fast and simple information (No affiliation with any government department, info may be free elsewhere).

Providing accurate information and assistance to the public in relation to questions surrounding passports and services that will help with potential application + renewals.

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Our information is up to date and can guide you through the ever changing world of: Stolen passports, Visas, Eligibility guidelines

Passport forms and Passport issues – Whatever your questions or needs this can help.

Services include: Renewals of an Adult or Child’s Passport, Emergency ‘Same-Day’ and one week ‘Fast-Track’ applications, First-Time Passport applications, Replacing a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport, Amending your current Passport (including name and marriage changes).

Information also available on: Who is eligible to Countersign an application, Passport Requirements for travelling abroad, Passport Fees and Making an enquiry about a Passport application.

A very useful new service which can offer an abundance of information regarding all passport related queries you may have;  How many months do I need to have remaining on my passport before travelling abroad?

Where is my nearest Passport Office? What special documentation do I need to travel to…? Do I need a visa to visit…? Can I get my passport quickly? I am a pensioner or have a senior’s card; can I have a senior’s passport? How can I check on my application’s progress?

My passport has been lost or stolen. What can I do? I have turned 18 and have a child’s passport. Can I still travel on it or do I need an adult passport. I have printed my online form and… To name but a few!

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