Kent, United Kingdom (August 12, 2010) – Bliby Plastics, a leading supplier of plastic building materials, have announced that they now supply a wider range of coloured ‘cast iron’ rainwater and soil gutter systems.

Bliby believe that although cast iron guttering may not seem an important aspect of a home’s exterior aesthetic features, but it can easily transform the appearance of a house. For instance, if a house is painted white then a dark-coloured cast iron gutters such as black or green may not best suit the look of a home. To provide an alternative, Bilby plastics have now introduced a new colourful range of Brett Martin cast iron gutters available in oxford blue, olive green, graphite grey, sandstone and porcelain white. These cast iron gutters can be camouflaged into the exterior design of the home, and can give the appearance of traditional cast iron gutters whilst reaping the benefits of modern plastic guttering materials.

Brendan Cobb of Bliby Plastics commented: “We understand the importance of a beautiful home in today’s modern world, which is why we at Bliby Plastics have introduced a new array of colours in addition to the classic black cast iron guttering style. A property’s overall look can be tweaked due by changing some of these individual features and we believe our wide range of cast iron guttering can complement any home, new or old. Our plastic ‘cast iron’ guttering systems are practically identical to the original cast iron systems, and can add a traditional appearance to contemporary properties or heritage buildings. While they may not be available to order online they can be a special order item, with all our coloured ‘cast iron’ gutters having a 20% premium in comparison to the classic black cast iron gutters. Our ‘cast iron’ gutters have proven to be a popular choice with our customers, and we believe our new selection of cast iron gutters only enhance their popularity”.

For more information about Bliby Plastics and their new cast iron systems, visit their website at or telephone 01233 720 486.

About Bliby Plastics:

A Kent-based family business that has been trading for over 25 years, Bliby Plastics are major distributors of big-name industry products including Polypipe, Deceuninck, New Dawn and Brett Martin, and can also supply soffit, fascias, guttering, wall cladding, polycarbonate sheet roofing, underground drainage, architrave, trims and a wide selection of plastic sheets to both the public and related trade bodies. With friendly staff and the ability to deliver to anywhere in the UK, Bliby plastics always strive to provide clients with innovative new products, giving them the best choices available.


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