Pembrokeshire, Wales (May 31, 2010) – CCTV4U, industry leaders in providing CCTV security solutions across Europe, comment on the effect Mosquito technology has on anti-social behaviour after a recent installation in Trimsaran, Wales.

A sports centre located in Trimsaran was experiencing problems with anti-social behaviour recently and decided to install a sixteen-camera CCTV system to help combat the problem. Alongside the cameras however, they also decided to install Mosquitos around the building to keep loitering youths at bay.

A Mosquito is a small box that when affixed to the side of a building emits a high-pitched noise that can only be heard by younger people. As peope get older they lose the ability to hear such a wide range of sounds, effectively meaning the only ones affected will be teenagers choose to loiter around the building’s perimeter.

“The sports centre has reported quite a reduction in the number of youths hanging around the building looking to cause trouble. It certainly appears to be an effective measure – especially alongside existing equipment such as CCTV systems,” states a spokesperson for CCTV4U. “There were some young volunteers present at the installation who could hear the noise and confirmed that it was irritating enough for them to move away and locate to another area. They also won’t affect business as they can be installed on a timer, only activating after normal business hours. We applaud the sport centre’s ingenuity in trying something new, and are looking forward to hearing more feedback on how the devices perform long term in the future.”

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