Dudley, United Kingdom (26 November, 2010) – Chemipetro, the UK’s premier stockholder, manufacturer and supplier of pipe fittings in the oil, gas and petrochemical  industries, supply all forms and grades of Monel for pipes, flanges and pipe fittings.

David H Browne, chief metallurgist for the International Nickel Company, created Monel which is a series of nickel alloys which are mainly composed of nickel, copper and other trace elements. Monel’s corrosive resistance make them ideal for marine applications, such as piping systems, pump shafts and sea water valves. Monel fasteners can also be used for safety wiring in the aircraft industry as they cannot come undone.

Monel 400 and K500 can be used in highly corrosive conditions, and some grades can withstand fire in pure oxygen. Chemipetro are a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe fittings, flanges, pipes and fasteners, and can offer their customers with a range of components in all forms and grades of Monel.

Chris Massey of Chemipetro commented: “We are delighted to provide high quality Monel components to a variety of industries. Monel is very difficult to machine in comparison to steel and it hardens very quickly, so it is typically more expensive than steel. However, all of our Monel products are available to our customers at an extremely affordable price.”

For more information on Chemipetro and their Monel components, visit their website at http://www.chemipetro.co.uk/ or contact them on 0138 423 9441.

About Chemipetro:
Chemipetro Limited has established itself as the UK’s premier stockholder, manufacturer and supplier of flanges, pipe, pipe fittings and fasteners to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries worldwide. Chemipetro can provide a 24-hour emergency break down service for breakdown situations and continually expands their services to ensure they meet the demand of their customers. Located in the centre of Britain’s road and rail network, they can deliver their products quickly and efficiently.


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