Co. Armagh, United Kingdom (22 October 2010) – CSC, leading UK and European provider of fuel cards, has now added the European Diesel Card (EDC) to their fuel card offering as their company continues to grow in its market sector.

CSC has chosen the European Diesel Card in particular to add to their selection of fleet cards due to the competitive prices such a card offers on diesel prices throughout Europe. CSC customers can also receive the weekly prices on this fuel card so they are always aware of exactly how much they are paying for fuel when using this card, as part of the fuel card company’s aim to offer their customers a transparent and convenient service.

CSC currently has a network of over 2,000 sites, with the locations specifically chosen to provide the international HGV operator with a service along the main transport routes 24 hours a day, 7 days per week as per the suitability of fleet managers. With significant coverage at key border crossings, such as Belgium and Ireland, CSC hope that the latest addition to their fleet card collection will assist them in their goal to become the fuel card provider of choice for fleet-reliant companies across the EU.

“I am thoroughly delighted with the ongoing progress CSC appears to be making in the fleet card market, and hope that the introduction of another competitive-priced card will further help our existing and potential customers to better organise their fleet,” commented Craig Anderson of CSC. “Our central priority has always been to make the entire fleet management process as simple as we believe it should be, and I think that the introduction of the EDC card will prove to be a particularly valuable addition to our collection due to its widespread use on all of the most frequented routes across Europe.”

To find out more about CSC’s expanding network of fuelling stations and their fuel card services, go to or ring 02838 842832.

About CSC: is owned by CSC Group. CSC Group is a family-owned business, which currently owns one of the largest fuel cards in Ireland and continues to grow, with annual turnover of 40 million litres of fuel.


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