Manchester, United Kingdom (24 December, 2010) – Cunninghams Solicitors, a specialist legal defence service, warn UK citizens of the risks of driving during the Christmas period and can help them appeal against any motoring offence charges.

Due to the cold weather conditions and the impending arrival of the Christmas and New Year period, one of the UK’s leading driving defence specialists, Cunninghams Solicitors, are advising UK citizens to be careful when driving this winter season. Due to the treacherous British weather, many people may drive dangerously on the road and this may lead to a criminal conviction. Also, there is a significant increase in drink driving offences each year due to people driving home or still being over the limit when driving the next morning.

Cunninghams solicitors are motoring offence specialists, so they have a wealth of experience in road traffic offences. Therefore they understand the best way to represent a client’s case in court and can also provide them with specialist advice throughout the legal processes. Cunninghams Solicitors can appeal against a conviction or sentence, and if a person receives twelve points on their license then they can attempt to persuade the court not to disqualify their client’s driving license by arguing exceptional hardship.

A spokesperson for Cunninghams Solicitors commented: “We are experienced solicitors that have the knowledge and experience to ensure our clients receive the best verdict for their case. We review each case individually and decide on the best defence strategy for their needs. There is a significant rise of drink driving offences and careless driving offence statistics for the winter season year on year; therefore, our clients can be sure they will be appropriately represented. We take every measure to ensure our clients do not receive a serious criminal conviction that could affect their personal and professional life.”

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About Cunninghams Solicitors:

Specialised in motoring offences, Cunninghams Solicitors are able to represent clients across the United Kingdom. They can help remove driving bans, reduce custodial sentences or appeal against a criminal conviction. They specialise in cases for drink driving offences, speeding offences, dangerous and careless driving offences, insurance offences, driving ban appeals and more. Cunninghams Solicitors can also advise their clients through every stage of the prosecution process whilst providing a friendly, professional and efficient service.


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