Surrey, United Kingdom (30 September 2010) – Global Investigations, the UK’s leading provider of private investigations for private and corporate clients, announce the launch of their new employee absenteeism service which is aimed at discreetly profiling those who are regularly ‘off the job’ for whatever reason.

With the UK still finding its feet after one of the worst economic downturns in recent history, companies – especially small businesses – can ill afford for their staff to take time off on a regular basis for sickness. Businesses across the country lose billions each year through staff illness which may actually be nothing more than a ‘sickie’ or the desire to have a long weekend.

Employee absence though is by-and-large genuine – but there are some who will bend the rules specifically to take time off work. They may also be absent for other reasons, such as doing freelance work for another company or working from a home-based business. Global Investigations’ new employee absenteeism service can help uncover the truth for businesses who suspect their employees of taking unauthorised time off.

“When you approach us with a view for staff monitoring services, we will sit with you and detail exactly what we can provide at Global Investigations. We usually only correspond with one contact from the company when they are confident they have received enough information through hearsay or other measures,” commented Jack Roberts of Global investigations. “We will come to an early conclusion through everything that is provided to us and use that to assess the situation for appropriate courses of action moving forward. Discreet and unobtrusive, we will collate all the information we can through background checks and a variety of other means to provide a solid case, which is very important should it ever reach court or a tribunal stage.”

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Global Investigations can provide private and corporate investigation services, both within in the United Kingdom and also for international customers. They have a strong global reputation as private investigators thanks to the experience they have in their five key areas, including UK-based and international trace enquiries, surveillance operations, undercover investigations and bug sweeping. Friendly, approachable and committed to solving the case at hand, they are also able to offer services such as people locating and much more besides.

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