West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (June 18, 2010) – Ideas-4-Pets, a leading online suppliers of quality animal housing and pet products, introduce the new Xtrail rodent cage to their extensive range of products.

Ideas-4-Pets are a trusted company who have been trading online for seven years. The reliable pet retailer has been supplying products to the Police Force, the Armed Forces, RSPCA and various other organisations for many years. They provide quality products at affordable prices and constantly add to their collection as they continue to offer the latest and most innovative pet products on the market; their latest addition being the new Xtrail rodent cage, perfect for small mammals like rats,  degus and chinchillas.

The Xtrail rodent cage has two different platform levels for your pet to explore, ladders which lead to the platforms and also two hammocks for your pet to rest and play on, and this could be the ideal home for your pet chinchilla, rat, ferret, or other similar sized animal. Due to the size of the rodent cage, it can also hold more than one small pet and it does not compromise on their individual space. There are also four opening doors which allow easy access to your pet and sturdy metal trays that cannot be chewed and are easily removed for cleaning.

Sue Lloyd, partner of Ideas-4-Pets commented: “More and more people are keeping small mammals as pets, once they realised how playful and friendly they can be. Those who understand how affectionate they are will want to provide the best accommodation so their pets can flourish and live a happy life, that is why we have introduced the new Xtrail rodent cage to our range, providing your pet with comfort and space. We at Ideas-4-Pets understand the importance of the pet in the home and believe they should be cared for with the best fit-for-purpose products on the market. So when a pet owner is looking to spoil their pet, there is no better place to look than at Ideas-4-Pets, as our products and prices speak for themselves.”

To view our wide array of pet products, visit our website http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/ or to speak to our helpful staff telephone 0870 607 3474.

About Ideas-4-Pets:

Since they began trading in 2003, Ideas-4-Pets have grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet housing. They specialise in supplying high quality dog kennels, dog cages, dog beds, parrot cages, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and many other pet products at affordable prices, hand in hand with pet care advice and information to enable pet owners, to provide a practical and safe environment for their pets.

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