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Devon, United Kingdom (17 September 2010) – Mailbox Nationwide, leading UK leaflet delivery and flyer distribution specialists, reveals how UK budget cuts will mean changes to Royal Mail prices and level the playing field somewhat for other delivery services.

Following the budget cuts issued by the government in March 2010 after a ruling from the European Court of Justice, Mailbox Nationwide wishes to highlight that the alterations to Royal Mail’s policy on VAT mean that they will soon be able to more easily compete on price with Royal Mail when it comes to leaflet distribution services. Current legislation means that Mailbox Nationwide and other delivery and distribution companies have always been charged VAT on their services and have had to pass on those charges to their customers.

As of January 31st, 2011, the Royal Mail will be obliged to charge VAT on some of their products and services. Whilst there are certain types of delivery and certain product deliveries that will be exempt from this, Royal Mail will be charging VAT on door-to-door delivery services as of this date. Mailbox Nationwide believes this will result in fairer pricing structures across the board for these types of delivery and distribution options, making them a viable option for businesses and individuals to use for their flyer and leaflet campaigns.

“Due to the budget cuts, organizations such as the Royal Mail’s postal services are having to start charging extras such as VAT for certain types of postal delivery,” commented a spokesperson for Mailbox Nationwide. “As they are no longer exempt from VAT for all of their services, this has meant that Mailbox Nationwide is on a more level playing field now in the door-to-door leaflet distribution market. So our clients won’t feel the effects of the recession when it comes to paying for their flyer delivery like they would with the Royal Mail, as VAT has always been factored into our prices. As part of our dedication to providing our clients with cost-effective and efficient marketing services, we hope that this will encourage companies to continue advertising and to choose our services for their marketing needs – offering efficient and affordable services to all.”

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Mailbox Nationwide is one of the largest independently owned leaflet distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Mailbox Nationwide delivers to all areas of the United Kingdom when distributing clients’ flyers and leaflets through the use of mosaic demographic profiling. Mailbox Nationwide has a variety of distribution methods including Solus Leaflet Distribution and Shared Leaflet Distribution.


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