Devon, United Kingdom (25 June, 2010) – Mailbox Nationwide, leading UK leaflet delivery and flyer distribution specialists, comment on how the budget cuts in Government Departments will increase the efforts of leaflet distribution businesses.

With budget cuts in any sector comes the inevitable need to make savings in all departments and areas of the business, and with the recent development of budget cuts becoming imminent for Government Departments during the UK’s economic recovery,leaflet distribution specialists Mailbox Nationwide have taken note of the suspected impact this belt-tightening will have on the advertising industry.

The need for these departments to employ cost-effective, vastly beneficial advertising methods that pursue markets directly at the source is more prominent than ever, and Mailbox Nationwide are one leaflet distribution company aiming to ensure that they are considered a viable leaflet delivery and marketing solution in these tough economic times.

“People in the advertising business, such as us at Mailbox Nationwide, will need to ensure that a significant ROI is on offer to Government Departments if we are to remain at the forefront of their minds as a sufficient marketing solution,” commented a spokesperson for Mailbox Nationwide. “With Government Departments spending less on such a fundamental component as advertising, they will be in search of a practical solution that will guarantee quick, measurable results. This is precisely what we are offering to Government Departments; mass, direct targeting for a limited cost from a flexible company with extensive knowledge on all areas of the country, who can offer an excellent ROI from widespreadflyer delivery.”

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Mailbox Nationwide is one of the largest independently owned leaflet distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Mailbox Nationwide delivers to all areas of the United Kingdom when distributing clients’ flyers and leaflets through the use of mosaic demographic profiling. Mailbox Nationwide has a variety of distribution methods including Solus Leaflet Distribution and Shared Leaflet Distribution.

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