London, United Kingdom (19 November, 2010) – Peek-a-boo, a leading au-pair and nanny agency in London, have recently purchased the reputable nanny agency Cupcakes, and are looking to encourage those looking for au pair services or au pair agencies in London to choose from their vast pool of talent.

Peek-a-boo has a nanny payroll service which makes them unique and extra professional as an agency, a one-stop shop for all childcare needs. They can provide their customers with a range of nannies, au-pairs, night nurses, maternity nurses and mothers’ help. In August 2010, Peek-a-boo expanded their agency by uniting with the nanny agency Cupcakes. Peek-a-boo and Cupcakes now have over 2,500 nannies and provide their services overseas, to all areas within London and around the country. Peek-a-boo work closely with their au-pairs and nannies to ensure they are constantly supported during their stay, which is why they also offer free employment law advice to all of their child carers. This is also a service offered to all pay roll clients.

Peek-a-boo’s mission is to provide their customers with qualified child carers to ensure the public employ professional candidates. Their sister company is a recruitment service which has a list of employment vacancies that are not associated with the childcare sector. This employment agency provides domestic staff to private households and corporations. Bespoke Bureau is dedicated to ensuring their employees receive thorough background checks to ensure they provide families and corporations with suitable candidates.

A spokesperson for Peek-a-boo commented: “Here at Peek-a-boo we are delighted to have added Cupcakes nanny agency in London to our portfolio, and are thrilled to provide our clients with a wider selection of childcare and child carers from our database of over 2,500 nannies. Our mission is to ensure that families and companies hire professional domestic employees that have experience in their industry, which is why we are extremely proud to be linked to our sister company Bespoke Bureau. This employment agency can provide experienced domestic and corporate staff that are accredited and thoroughly trained. Our goal is to ensure that every home and establishment receive qualified employees.”

For more information on Peek-a-boo and their sister companies, visit their website at or telephone +44(0) 207 600 9880.

About Peek-a-boo:

Peek-a-boo is a leading au-pair and nanny agency that provides qualified childcare professionals to private homes across London and overseas. They have a range of nannies, au-pairs, mothers’ help, maternity nurses and night nurses on their database and also provide childcare courses, first aid courses, MNT courses and other refresher courses to nannies to update their skills and qualifications.


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