Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (17 September, 2010)Pure FX, a leading currency broker offering cost-effective currency exchange services, have launched several new additions to their homepage, with an aim to be more user-friendly for established customers and newcomers alike.

The new features include a quick contact form for general enquiries, which allows customers to enter their contact details and a quick question, as well as a direct link to Pure FX’s Twitter feed, allowing instant access to the company’s latest comments and updates on the exchange rate and other financial matters. The enhancements also include an exchange rate alert feature, which allows a customer to request notification when the foreign currency exchange rate hits a specific amount, whether in US Dollars, Indian Rupee, or Russian Rouble, as well as 31 other currencies. For easier navigation around the site’s other pages, the homepage has also been enhanced with excerpts from the latest blogs, reproducing the first few lines, allowing customers to access the complete piece at a simple click.

“These new features are a genuine boost to our homepage, and we are sure that our customers will find that they enhance the experience of visiting us,” says James Roberts of Pure FX. “With foreign currency exchange rates changing constantly, it is vital that people are able to stay informed, and our new exchange rate alert feature is ideal for this, allowing customers to select the currency they are interested in, and specifying the amount they want us to watch out for. Whilst we have not changed the core design of the homepage, these new features are designed to ensure customers get more out of it, and we hope to keep adding new features over time.”

To find out more about Pure FX and their services please visit http://www.purefx.co.uk/ or contact them on 01494 671800.

About Pure FX:
Pure FX specialise in providing foreign exchange and international payment solutions for both private and corporate clients. Their range of services benefit clients in many ways – fixed exchange rates, zero commission and risk management all aid clients in getting the most from their money.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1494 671800