Pure FX Discuss How Greece Crisis Will Impact On The Euro


Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (June 11, 2010) – Pure FX, a leading currency broker offering cost-effective currency exchange services comments on the effect that the recent crisis in Greece will have on the Euro.

Pure FX believes that the crisis in Greece is putting the Euro in a dangerous position; as the country has gotten itself into so much debt since it began using the currency in 2002, a recent bailout package has seen the country rocked by protests sparked by frozen wages, pension rollbacks and increasing taxes. Since then, the euro has continued to fall, and there are fears that other countries in the EU (such as Spain and Portugal) could share a similar fate. Amidst all of this, the value of the Euro has worsened, leaving many in the Eurozone concerned that the exchange rate could remain low for some time.

“Trying to predict the future of the Euro is very difficult,” says James Roberts of Pure FX. “There are fears that the crisis in Greece will spread to other EU countries, which would be disastrous for the euro ultimately affecting the foreign exchange rate. However, the currency market is in a constant state of flux, so nothing is ever certain when it comes to the economy. While it is certainly worrying, talking to a currency broker can help set your mind at ease. Being forerunners in foreign exchange services, we offer jargon-free advice on how best to deal with your money, and are committed to finding you the most competitive foreign exchange rates.”

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