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Cheshire, United Kingdom (21 July 2010) –, a leading SEO services company in the United Kingdom, wish to highlight the benefits that webmasters can reap from their web optimization campaign by using their own images instead of stock photographs from online archives.

Though it can often look impressive, stock photography is used by thousands of websites each and every day, leading to a lack of creativity and originality. believe that this can put off eagle-eyed visitors to a website who recognize the image as stock and get the feeling that the company is being lazy with its design. The benefits of a company using their own visuals in their web campaigns are that they are free and there aren’t any copyright issues to worry about.

Having creative and user-friendly images may encourage visitors to a website to keep returning to view newly-updated content. It can also free up space – some stock photography websites will insist on a link back to their site in either the image description or alt tags. When a website uses its own images it will be able to optimize these specific areas as they wish, which is especially useful in a search engine optimization campaign.

“Alt tags and descriptions on images are a small and yet significant part of SEO, and well-optimized images, along with all of the other aspects of a website and a carefully developed off-page SEO strategy, can help streamline a search marketing campaign,” commented a spokesperson for “It will be more effective however if you use your own images and give a creative, personal slant to your web presence. What search engines look for is the same as human visitors – useful, functional, and high-quality websites that provide a great user experience and valuable information, so we feel it is important that you don’t allow your images to let you down.”

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