Solid Tips That Will Help You Score More In Calculus

There are plenty of students out there who feel a chill run down their spine every time they hear or read the word ‘calculus’. If you feel the same then you can rest assured as you are not the only one.

On this note, calculus might be a difficult aspect of mathematics but at the same time, it is pretty important as well. If done right, it is one of the most scoring parts of A-level mathematics.

So, are you ready to learn about some solid tips that can help you score more in calculus?

If the answer to this above question was a yes then be sure to read the following sections with due diligence:-

Start your revisions at least five days before the date of the exam

Whether you are preparing for your A-level exams or a simple class test, make sure that you begin your A-level Maths revision session at least five to seven days before the date of the exam. When you will have plenty of days in your hand then you will be able to go through every topic, theorem, equation, and concept pertaining to calculus.

With an in-depth revision session, scoring more marks in maths through calculus will be a walk in the park for you. Furthermore, when you prepare early, your self-confidence will increase and you will feel less stressed as well as keep exam-related anxiety at bay.

Create a strict study/revision strategy

It is always a good idea to plan a step-by-step or rather an hour-by-hour study plan for your calculus revision session for each day. Why tread this extra mile?

Well, when you follow a strict revision/study strategy you will be able to focus more on your studies and keep distractions at bay. At the same time, you will be able to answer complicated questions with ease and develop an ‘all-rounder’ attitude towards calculus.

Have clear concepts about every formula, theorem, and definition of calculus

Calculus is mastered only by those who clear their doubts pertaining to every:-

  • Definition
  • Formula and
  • Theorem.

Furthermore, you would also need to complete all your assignments and practice the same when you complete them. You would also need to steer clear of memorizing problems or their step-by-step solutions as this will only make you more confused when you will finally sit down to take the test or exam.

Create a study group

Create a study group of not more than three members consisting of like-minded students from your class. In this way, you will be able to help each other out when one student fails to solve a certain problem or find it difficult to understand a concept.


In the end, you should remember that this is the age of the internet which means that you will have easy access to all forms of resources that a bright student like you would need to ace calculus. For example, online study materials, mock tests, online homework portals, and live tutoring sessions from learned individuals are all accessible these days. All you would need to do is get in touch with a revered online tutoring company and let them guide you.

Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler