London, United Kingdom (15 October, 2010) – TSNN, a leading UK supplier of marketing exhibitions and event products and services, say that their newly-commissioned FaceTime project proves that exhibitions remain a profitable way to market a company.

Since 2000, TSNN have been supplying a wide variety of companies with exhibition and events services, with their products sourced from numerous reputable manufacturers. Their services range from event insurance to event furniture hire.

TSNN are a leading exhibition supplier, and have recently commissioned the FaceTime project which has recently delivered fruitful results in regard to the exhibition industry. They designed this survey to identify whether exhibitions proved to be an effective marketing tool for a company. They asked attendees a series of questions before and after the four exhibition events. Their extensive statistics proved that they were a beneficial advertising strategy, and 74% of people agreed after attending the exhibition that live events are the best marketing tool to interact with industries. This is a dramatic increase from the beginning of this exhibition, as only 32% agreed with this statement. These statistics show that exhibitions are an effective way of advertising a company and their services.

“Due to recent problems in the economy, many companies are growing increasingly eager to land a new customer or business alliance. However, with fierce competition in every industry, you have to implement an effective advertising campaign to stand out from the crowd. Due to the recent technological advancements over the past fifteen years, many believe that live events such as exhibitions are a thing of the past. However, here at TSNN, we believed this was not the case, but with no hard evidence to back up our claims we decided to commission the FaceTime project to find whether there was any truth in our beliefs,” commented Brantley Graham of TSNN. “We interviewed every person that attended the exhibition, and found that before entering the live event the large majority of attendees were quite dubious about the success of live events. However, upon leaving the exhibition, the large majority could see the benefits in company exhibitions, with 76% of people claiming this had influenced their buying decision – which is a significant rise from the initial 37%. Live events can reach a wide variety of people in one location, allowing you to target your demographic. If you plan your exhibition carefully and set up a strategy to fulfil your objectives, then this can be a valuable way of helping a company to become a successful leader in their field. Here at TSNN we are proud providers of marquee hire, exhibition banner stands and party tents – perfect for a live event.”

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A London-based branch of international media company the Tarsus Group’s Tarsus Online Media division, TSNN are the only online resource for finding exhibition and event product and services in the UK. Founded in 2000, the TSNN operates in the UK, USA, France and Germany with UK and international ( websites, and an expert team consisting of IT, database, Internet marketing, sales and project managing professionals.


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