Until fairly recently sales of hardwood replacement windows and doors was largely restricted to people who lived in older properties. They opted for wooden windows rather than plastic finished windows because it better suited the look of their property or because planning laws required them to do so. In most cases, they choose to spend a little extra and buy hardwood rather than softwood replacement windows and doors. They did so because hardwood wears better and generally looks better for longer.

However, over the past few years more and more owners of newer homes are also opting to replace their windows with wood frames. Again, they are doing so mainly because of aesthetics. Whilst it is true that many homeowners like the look of plastic windows not do. However, in the past they have often opted for plastic coated frames anyway. The majority have done so because of price or because they have been worried about maintaining wooden windows.

Recently, the price of hardwood windows and doors has reached the point where they are now within most people’s price range. The fact that the price gap has shrunk has helped to increase interest in wooden doors and windows. New finishing products mean that hardwood windows and doors are just as easy to maintain as other kinds of replacement doors and windows. Modern finishes means that they are as durable as any other kind of window or door.

The Role of Aesthetics
Fashion has also played a role. People have fallen back in love with natural materials; they are naturally attracted to the look and feel of wood. The trend towards wooden floors has really helped to boost the sale of hardwood replacement windows and doors. Firms like Bayfield Timber are increasingly being asked to provide patio and French doors in wood to finish off a home and open up outdoor spaces. Once people see how these natural wood doors transform the look of one area of their home they often opt for wooden frames when replacing the windows in their home. It seems that when it comes to windows and doors wood is back, and looks set to stay popular for some time to come.