Co. Armagh, United Kingdom, (29th December 2011) – CSC, leading UK and European provider of fuel cards, have launched a new Smartphone app for their fuel card customers.

As part of their efforts to provide customers with more convenience, have designed and introduced a new app for the iPhone and Android phones which allows customers to view the entire fuel site network directly from their Smartphones. Users can track their current location using GPS technology and access fuel sites throughout Europe to see where the nearest station is at any given time.

This is designed to offer’s customers with time-saving technology that affords them the opportunity to make better use of their fleet and resources. Fuel card customers no longer have to search through outdated site directories to find the nearest eligible fuel station and can more efficiently plan refuelling along particular routes in plenty of time.

A spokesperson for commented: “We are constantly looking for new ways to renovate our current processes in order to make our fuel card the most convenient and beneficial for customers to use. We are sure that customers new and old will find this new Smartphone app particularly efficient as it can be used on-the-go, and we hope to develop more apps similar to this in the future.”

To find out more about CSC’s expanding network of fuelling stations and their fuel card services, go to or ring 02838 842832.

About CSC: is owned by CSC Group. CSC Group is a UK-based, family-owned business which currently owns one of the largest fuel cards in Ireland and continues to grow, with annual turnover of 40 million litres of fuel. They offer fuel cards for use throughout the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.


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CSC Group

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