What Are The Tow Truck Safety Equipment Mandatory For Towing Service?

A set of the safety equipment is mandatory when it comes to tow trucks, in several states worldwide. The governments have put forth the list of safety gear to be installed onto the vehicle before being allowed to do the towing job. So, in a nutshell, you are required to compile with the policies laid by the states. The several things to consider when it comes to the safety of Newcastle towing and transport are listed below-

Lights Are The Key

The most crucial safety aspect is the lights of the vehicle. You are required to have amber oscillating light, at least one present at the highest point of the towing vehicle. In several states, the lights should be six inches in diameter. The primary objective of having such a light on the vehicle is to alert the vehicles and crowd around that the tow vehicle is moving. In case, your vehicle has a wheel lift for the purpose of towing. Whenever the tow vehicle is moving on the road, the red lights and the signals are usually blocked, the light on the top is the key to make sure on-road safety. Furthermore, if you can also buy portable lighting you can be used by the driver of the vehicle at the rear side, you can alert the people around.

Chains & Ties

The safety equipment required for the towing vehicles includes the four tie-down straps. The purpose of these straps is to carefully attach a load of diverse capacities to the towing vehicle. It is also required that the towing vehicle has an ample number of wheel ties and doors. Ideally, the governments ask towing companies to have no swing door onto their towing vehicle, when the vehicle is in motion and it is firmly in position. The truck bed is required to have at least seven high-quality chains. This is because, if the vehicle is moving on a rough road, then the chains are needed for the purpose of stabilization.

Fire Safety Is Essential

The towing vehicles must have the right setup to manage fire conditions. The towing vehicles are required to have a proper fire extinguisher to deal with scenarios and breaking of fire. It is recommended to have an ample supply of water, to end fire immediately. The other safety equipment that comes with the towing vehicle includes the shovel & the broom to clear up the damaged windshield of your vehicle. Also, in your equipment kit, there should be debris collector.

Traffic Control With Safety Vest

In the situation when you are dealing with a towing vehicle is damaged or crashed, it is of paramount importance that the driver should wear a yellow vest, which is reflective in nature. This is done to let the traffic know you are working on the towing vehicle, doing so will set up the safety of the vehicles nearby and the passengers.

At the last, it is important to research well when investing in towing vehicles.

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