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Chess Sets Make a Great Christmas Present

England 8/11/2012 – Chess sets are flying off the shelves for Christmas 2012 Chess sets make a great present. They are suitable for people of all ages and from many different backgrounds. The vast majority of people have...

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Galt Toys Offer Practical Advice to Parents

England 17/08/2012- go the extra mile for their customers Galt educational toys make it a policy to actively engage with their clients and find out what they like and do not like about their products. In the course...

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James Galt & Co Games for Kids of all Ages

[22/05/2012] – James Galt & Co has been around for almost two centuries. It was founded by James Galt, from Stewarton, Ayrshire, who started work as an educational stockist in 1836. Some 14 years later, the company saw...

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