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What Is A Good Real Estate Agent?

The thought crosses nearly every homeowner’s mind for at least a minute or two: Should I try to sell the house myself and save money by not having to pay sales commissions? Given only 8% of homes in the United States are done as for-sale-by-owners, the thought rarely ever becomes more than a thought. So why do most people decide to use a real estate agent instead of doing it themselves? Selling a home using a real estate agent can work out really well, but it is important to find a real estate agent who knows what they are...

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Those guilty of improper medical care may face criminal charges

England 23/01/2014 In the UK, medical negligence is a big concern, and an issue the government is considering tackling using criminal sanctions. [pullquote]Over the past year, the issue of NHS negligence has been in the news a great deal. Generally, UK hospitals have a reputation for offering a good standard of care.[/pullquote] Over the past year, the issue of NHS negligence has been in the news a great deal. Generally, UK hospitals have a reputation for offering a good standard of care.However, that reputation was tarnished when the Stafford care scandal story broke. From 2005 to 2009, the standard of...

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Forklift Breakdowns Could be Prevented by Regular Maintenance

England – 11.10.2013 – FLT Maintenance Contracts Mean No More Delays When a car breaks down it can be, at the very least, very disruptive for the owner, not least if they rely on the car to get them to and from work. However, when a piece of their working or office equipment breaks down then they can be prevented from being productive. The same is true of forklift trucks, such as those sold and hired by For many businesses, these are as essential as their lights, heating and physical stock, and there are few businesses who could...

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Project Audio Visual Celebrates 10 Years of Trading

Berkshire, United Kingdom (18th September, 2013) – Project Audio Visual, a leading online designer and retailer of audio visual and video conferencing systems, will celebrate their tenth anniversary of trading at the end of September. Project Audio Visual will celebrate 10 years of business on the 30th of September. The company was formed when co-founder Mass Lambresa decided to start his own business, and teamed up with Stuart Hudson—a former associate who had sold his own business to focus on family life—and his brother, Don Lambresa. The trio converted Mr Hudson’s garden shed into an office, and began trading...

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The Cable Company Runs Summer Against Hunger Campaign to Raise Money for CARE Charity

Pennsylvania, US (12th August, 2013) – The Cable Company, a leading provider of speciality audio cables and high-performance sound equipment, is, along with its sponsoring vendors and other donors, donating money to the CARE Charity throughout August as part of its 18th Annual Summer Against Hunger. The Cable Company will donate 5% of each purchase from sponsor’s products to CARE, which will be matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. This combined amount will then be matched by an anonymous donor. CARE will then try and secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company...

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