GBS Announce Public Course Dates for Leadership and Management Training

Fleet, United Kingdom (12th April, 2012) – GBS Corporate Training, a leading provider of management, business skills and leadership training to organisations in the UK, announce public course dates for various leadership and management training courses to help small businesses communicate with their employees.

In the last five years GBS Corporate Training has seen a change in the approach of SMEs to their leadership and management training. It is imperative that employers in SMEs send the right message to their staff about the future during these turbulent times. Managers need to think carefully about how they can reassure and keep their staff focused even when they may be unsure themselves of what will happen next. Many employers shy away from staff communication in difficult times, and this could lead to confusion and resentment – especially as many organisations are facing redundancies and cutbacks for the first time in many years.

The average SME has not budgeted much for training, and often the only way for someone to learn development techniques is to attend a public course. GBS Corporate Training has seen an upsurge in requests for their management training courses – with delegates ranging from the first line managers with little or no experience, to those who are ultimately accountable, they may be the business owner or in senior management.

For those that need to understand how their leadership skills affect the team and the corporate environment, exploring the attributes to Situational Leadership® is a popular option. GBS Corporate Training is licensed to sell Situational Leadership® in the UK and has recently added a variety of management and leadership training courses to their schedule. Businesses can also receive a free taster session for SMEs at various UK locations.

David Wilkins, Joint Managing Director of GBS Corporate Training, commented: “We are delighted to announce that we have added new leadership and management training dates to our printed schedule. Managers clearly understand their weakness in the field of leadership skills. All too often the manager is used as the barometer for the health of the organisation. If you behave constructively and act positively towards change, the likelihood is that your team will follow suit.”

The new GBS Courses include:

Supervisory Skills (first line managers) 14-15 June, 20-21 Nov (London)
19-20 July, 13-14 Dec (Manchester)
25-26June, 22-23 Oct (Edinburgh)
10-11 Sept, 17-18 Dec (Fleet)
13-14 Aug (Birmingham)

Personal Effectiveness for Managers 10-11 May, 26-27 Jul, 15-16 Oct (London)
2-3 Jul, 26-27 Nov (Manchester)
19-20 Jun, 4-5 Dec (Edinburgh)
9-10 Aug, 17-18 Sep, 15-16 Nov (Fleet)
6-7 Sept (Birmingham)

Training Skills for Trainers 14-18 May, 2-6 Jul, 26-30 Nov (London)
28 May-1 June, 24-28 Sept (Manchester)
15-19 October (Fleet)

Situational Leadership® – The Core 3-4 May, 12-13 July, 13-14 Sep, 22-23 Nov (London)
26-27 June, 5-6 Dec (Manchester)
26-27 April, 9-10 Oct (Fleet)

Free Situational Leadership® 2hr Taster 17th May, 19th June, 24th July (London)
28th May, 28th June (Manchester)
29th May (Edinburgh)

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GBS Corporate Training is the leading provider of bespoke training to private and public organisations, and has an unrivalled UK capability and a formidable international presence. Their trading history spans over 40 years and they deliver over 30,000 delegate days of training per year.


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