England – 14/12/2011Homeowners are splashing out and buying themselves hotel luxury bedding

When the recession struck it was assumed that consumers would cut back and less luxury items would be sold. To a large extent that is exactly what has happened. However, much to everyone’s surprise this has not happened with soft furnishings. Sales of hotel luxury bedding have gone up instead of down and it is ordinary homeowners who are rushing out and buying the majority of it.

The exact reason for this is not clear, but it is felt within the industry that it is because consumers can no longer afford to spend so much on weekends away. As a result, they are looking for ways to recreate the luxury of hotels in their own homes. People are spending more of their time at home, so are splashing out and making them as attractive and comfortable as they can.

Add to this the fact that consumers are wising up to the fact that cheap bedding does not last, and you have a whole new market of people who want to buy top quality bedding. They know that hotel luxury bedding is made to last and that spending more on the bedding they use at home means that it will last longer. Consumers are realising that buying cheap bedding is a false economy, so are splashing out on high quality luxury bedding instead.

Egyptian cotton hotel luxury bedding is the most popular type

People are not going for silk bedding either. Instead they are buying high quality Egyptian cotton. Whilst caring for this bedding takes a little more time, it lasts and looks good decades later. Plus of course most hotels use Egyptian cotton bedding, which is why most consumers are going for it too.

Bedeck Home has recently extended their range of hotel luxury bedding to meet this surge in demand. Customers buy for the master bedroom first, but return to buy for their single guest beds and in some cases for their teenager’s bedrooms too. This has led them to stock luxury bedding for any size of bed.


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