Leicester, United Kingdom (May 11, 2011) – Morningside Pharmacy, a registered UK pharmacy providing medical and cosmetic products, place emphasis on the benefits of measuring your own blood pressure in support of World Hypertension Day.

World Hypertension Day which is on 17th May 2011, is a day designated to highlighting the preventable diseases caused by high blood pressure, and to communicate information to the public on prevention, detection and treatment of such diseases.

In light of this important day, Morningside Pharmacy wishes to highlight the benefits of regularly measuring blood pressure at home. By purchasing a high quality upper arm blood pressure monitor and using the equipment correctly and frequently, people are able to get an accurate representation of their blood pressure, assess any discrepancies, and alert their doctor to these as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for Morningside Pharmacy commented: “World Hypertension Day alerts more people every single year to how essential it is to measure blood pressure, as changes in blood pressure can indicate the presence of a number of different conditions and diseases. Making a habit of keeping a record of your blood pressure results every day at home can therefore help to make preventable stroke, heart and kidney diseases identifiable early on, and could even play a large part in saving your life.

“At Morningside Pharmacy, we stock a range of blood pressure monitors from renowned brand Omron, available at prices much lower than the recommended retail price. We hope that these special offers will encourage people to purchase these products and start keeping tabs on their own blood pressure.”

For more information on Morningside Pharmacy and their range of Omron blood pressure monitors, visit their website at http://www.morningsidepharmacy.co.uk.

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