United Kingdom (25 February, 2011) – PeopleChecking, a service dedicated to offering employee background checks and employment screening services, remind employers of the importance of ensuring their employees have the Right to Work in the UK.

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 was introduced in February 2008, and all employers who are found employing members of staff who do not have the right to work in the UK will be given an on-the-spot civil penalty of £10,000 for each employee. In addition to the penalty, an employer can face up to two years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. Also, if a company director is convicted of employing illegal immigrants then they could possibly be disqualified from creating or managing another company.

PeopleChecking are background checking specialists that can provide companies with Right to Work checks, criminal background checks and academic qualification checks. They are currently urging all employers to ensure they check the background of all their employees to ensure they have the right to work in the UK. Therefore, thorough background and passport checks are required to ensure a person has the legal right to work for a company.

Mathew Armstrong, Head of Business Development at People Checking, commented: “An employer’s first priority should be to ensure that their business follows legal regulations at all times. Therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure their employees have the legal right to work in the UK. We encourage all employers to consult a background checking specialist, like us here at PeopleChecking, to ensure their employees have the appropriate documentation for the right to work in the UK. All full-time, part-time and temporary staff should receive a full immigration background check, which will require passport checks and pre-employment checks.”

For more information on PeopleChecking and their immigration background checks, visit their website at http://www.peoplechecking.com/ or telephone 0800 035 0545.

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