Yorkshire, United Kingdom (17 June, 2011) – Sell Your Yorkshire Home, a UK property market specialist that can facilitate fast house sales in Yorkshire, comment on the findings published in the recent LSL Property Services report.

The central finding in the comprehensive LSL report was that in May 2011, house prices rose by just £20 on average, with homes steadily becoming more affordable for buyers. It has also been highlighted that homes are becoming cheaper in relation to prices and incomes, with house prices up by 1 percent since April 2007 but wages up by 13.7 percent.

David Brown, commercial director of LSL Property Services, hails this as a ‘sharp improvement in affordability,’ but adds that confidence and supply of mortgage finance is holding the market back considerably.

He comments: “Economic uncertainty, fears over jobs, a squeeze on incomes and nervous mortgage lenders are keeping a lid on the housing market. It’s no wonder transaction volumes remain so very low.”

A spokesperson for Sell Your Yorkshire Home commented: “It is wonderful to finally be able to observe a more stable housing market, but it remains a terrible shame that other factors are imposing so much on the overall confidence buyers have when trying to buy a new home. The rigmarole involved in trying to sell a home as part of the moving process is also a contributing factor, as the complex processes involves can put buyers off moving into a new home and making the most of the current market’s steadiness. Anyone in Yorkshire interested in selling their home fast to take advantage of the housing market following the LSL report should contact us immediately for a no obligation quote.”

For more information on Sell Your Yorkshire Home and their fast property sales, visit their website at help@sellyouryorkshirehome.co.uk or telephone 0800 085 0196.

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Sell Your Yorkshire Home is one of the most well-renowned and trusted names in the housing industry. Established in 2006, they are committed to helping people in need in Yorkshire get back on their feet and keeping them away from the dangers of debt, CCJs and repossession. Sell Your Yorkshire Home’s team of experts are happy to offer impartial advice, no obligation quotes and to facilitate property sales in a matter of days.


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