London, United Kingdom (22nd August 2011) – TheJudge, an established broker in the litigation risk transfer market, shines light on the rising amount of international foreign litigation and arbitration cases being brought to them for financing and insurance.

Increasingly, TheJudge has been instructed to source litigation risk transfer products for leading law firms in foreign jurisdictions around the globe, including the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

TheJudge has found that a large number of clients involved in foreign disputes and/or international arbitrations are seeking the financial certainty which comes by hedging their risk through the use of ATE insurance, third party funding and other financial instruments to which TheJudge has access.

Speaking from TheJudge, Director Matthew Amey commented: “We are delighted to see an increase in the number of international law firms seeking the security and reassurance that investing in after the event insurance can bring, as it shows that more organisations on a global scale are becoming aware of how they can protect themselves in strenuous legal circumstances.

“TheJudge is well-placed to offer our clients bespoke after the event insurance and litigation funding to suit their unique circumstances, as these areas have been our speciality for over a decade. We predict that more national and international firms will realise these benefits in the near future, and we are well-prepared to offer such services to these companies.”

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About TheJudge:

With over a decade of experience, TheJudge is the largest and longest-established broker in the litigation risk transfer market. They specialise in hedging litigation costs for their clients by utilising their expertise in After the Event (‘ATE’) litigation insurance, Third Party Funding and various other forms of legal expenses, insurance and financial instruments for all types of litigation. TheJudge is the chosen specialist broker for many of the leading Dispute Resolution and Litigation teams around the world, serving a diverse client base.


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