Leading British security company ‘Churchill Security’ offers a variety of services, including trained guards and CCTV, to aid businesses in protecting their premises.

In the same way that many homeowners are willing to take significant steps to protect their residential abode from undesirable intrusion or theft, so many business owners are willing to make use of services that help them safeguard their valuable business premises. Damage to or theft within a business building, after all, could potentially hold terrible implications for the future efficiency and reputation of the company. This is why such firms are willing to spend good money on security services like guards and CCTV from a good security company.

These two services are similarly a specialty of Churchill Security, a highly reputable UK security company. However, Churchill Security offer a substantial amount more to give business owners even greater peace of mind. Churchill Security’s guards, for instance, are thoroughly vetted and trained to SIA standards. They are additionally licensed to monitor and use CCTV, which can be installed and maintained by Churchill Security themselves.

Top quality security services from a top quality security company

This only begins to hint at the comprehensive roster of security services on offer from this highly regarded security company. Through Churchill Security’s key holding service, an SIA-trained security guard will respond to any alarm calls from a business during either day or night. Business owners could also opt for a mobile security patrol, whereby SIA-trained security officers use a distinctive Churchill Security vehicle to patrol the premises randomly throughout both day and night. The company can decide the frequency of the mobile security patrol’s visits.

A Churchill Security spokesperson stated: “We are proud to go beyond the call of duty in supplying businesses with not only traditional security measures like trained guards and CCTV, but also a generous raft of more advanced security services. These include a key holding service, mobile security patrols, event and retail security guards and SIA licence training, ensuring that all the bases are covered.”

The emerging popularity of the World Wide Web (WWW) as a method through which British firms can search for a reputable security company delivering sufficiently varied and high quality security services suggests that Churchill Security should further consolidate and build upon its reputation as a popular security company.