Architectural carving is one of the major areas of our expertise – as a company that’s worked globally on some of the most important, and elegant pieces of wood carvings.  We have designed and created some of the most attractive, unique products for clients, to fit their needs and designed to ensure that the carvings fit in with the room they are appearing in.  We strive to work with the best cuts of wood, those that fit with the room we’re working with.

Our architectural carving projects

We’ve worked the world over – and have created carvings for walls, applique attachments and whole panels in various styles, furniture of all kinds.  Our best pieces are well loved, constantly enjoyed by our clients, and we feel that the best way to measure customer enjoyment is to ensure that our clients are delighted with the pieces we’ve created for them.  But we also feel that we should create bespoke, inexpensive pieces with minimum fuss.
We’ve worked with various people, from those looking for carvings for their business facilities, to their bedrooms – from Queen Anne chairs, to panels that work well in any environment.  Our architectural carving service, however, is one of our most popular items, and creates a piece that works with any room, with ease.

Various styles

We can offer various styles and designs from Greek to Victorian, Baroque to Egyptian, so your style can be as unique as you are, offering one of the best opportunities to create and choose something that you’d like to make a statement about your environment.
Wood carvings are, of course, designed to last a lifetime, so it’s important to ensure that the styles you’d like to use, and consider your design carefully.  We’re happy to consult with you and ensure that your design is perfect for you before embarking on your carving.  It’s critical to choose the best wood, the best design and the best finishes (whether varnished, waxed, or painted) to make the piece really speak to the person viewing it, and to make the room sing no matter what size, or element that you want to use, and how you use it.

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Architectural carving produced by Agrell Carving can provide you with anything you need in carved wood elements, panels or furniture.


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