Renowned for spectacular, cutting edge and bonkers gadgets, the 007 films are a fantastic source of innovation. Below is a list of five amazing inventions from Bond cars.
The ejector seat of the Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 had a range of features, but few are perhaps better remembered than the ejector seat. After using a host of the car’s other features, including front and rear bulletproof windows, the ‘armchair’ control panel that activated an oil slick from the rear light cluster, a smoke screen emitted from the rear and a bulletproof shield, Bond finally presses a red button located underneath the gear stick lever. This engages, firing the passenger-side ejector seat!

The underwater Lotus Espirit

The 1977 Espirit featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, for which a special version was created that doubled up as a submarine. It proved to be very capable as one too, as it was able to drop underwater mines and fire lethal anti-aircraft missiles.
The remote control phone of the BMW 750iL

The large BMW had a host of features, including the ability to launch rockets, magnetic flash grenades, tear gas, metal spikes, and a chain cutter. What made this car special, however, was that all of these things were operated not by Bond at the wheel directly, but from the spy’s mobile phone. This was especially handy, given that Bond, being played by Pierce Brosnan on this occasion, was actually sat in the back seat.

The invisible Aston Martin Vanquish

The reappearance of a British icon – or close enough to it – in a Bond movie after several films spent by the spy at the wheel of BMWs was always going to be memorable enough, but the Vanquish also had another distinctive feature: an ability to turn invisible. This was achieved by tiny cameras on all sides that projected the image they saw onto a light emitting polymer skin on the opposite side.

The Aston Martin Volante’s self-destruct button

The Volante was the first car to be driven by Timothy Dalton in his first appearance on our screens as Bond, and had a range of gadgets such as bulletproof windows and laser beam devices hidden in the hubcaps. However, our personal favourite has to be the presence of a self-destruct button.

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Charlotte Walker writes for MediaVest (Manchester) on a range of motor and insurance related topics, including ways to compare car insurance .