Securing Your Home over the Christmas Holidays

While Christmas is traditionally a happy, celebratory time of year, it can also bring up accompanying security concerns. Burglars could take advantage of the relaxed security arrangements that can so easily occur at this time of year. It is a period when large quantities of expensive gifts tend to appear in your home, making it an attractive target for thieves, particularly if you leave the house unattended as you visit friends and relatives.

If you have a Christmas tree in a position where it can be seen easily from outside, don’t keep your presents beneath it. In doing so, the gifts are effectively being advertised to the neighbourhood. You should also put the receipts for presents in a safe place so that burglars cannot return items to the shops and claim back the money. Also be careful to dispose of the packaging for any expensive presents such as stereos, TV’s or computers. Furthermore, be careful not to leave boxes outside near the rubbish bin for burglars to see.

You should make sure that you keep track of basic security such as always locking doors and windows when you are going to bed or leaving the house. Given the frantic pace of life at Christmas, it can be easy to forget such simple actions.
You will definitely need to ensure that your home is secure if you are on holiday at Christmas. You should try to make it look like someone is home at all times, for example by leaving lights on timers and drawing the curtains so that your presents cannot be seen. You are also advised to leave a car on the driveway and to ask your neighbours to watch your home, perhaps giving them a key so that they can ensure that it is secure once you leave. You should also set the burglar alarm and make sure that windows, doors and gates are secure. This should apply to sheds as well as the house, as garden sheds are often the perfect source of tools that thieves can use to access a property.

You should also make sure that you have adequate insurance cover in case your house is broken into. You could invest in key cover in case your house keys are lost or stolen, or you could look into the best home insurance quotes, ensuring that your presents are covered when you take out the policy.

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Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler

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