London, United Kingdom, (21st Dec, 2011) –, a premium reseller of Apple products both direct to schools and in their UK-based iStores, have highlighted how the redesigned Apple TV can benefit those in education.

Apple TV lets users play media wirelessly on your widescreen TV, including films, photo slideshows and more, and Albion believes it could transform teaching in the classroom. Students with iPads can now wirelessly stream any content, such as videos, presentations or coursework directly to the school projector or smartboard simply and transparently.

Apple TV also has a huge number of uses at home, allowing users to rent films or stream straight from their computer, so films, music or home videos can be viewed on the television within moments. The recent redesign has resulted in a much more efficient product, with a powerful A4 processor meaning effortless streaming and crystal clear images are just a click away without any stuttering or frozen screens. It also keeps itself cool without the use of a fan, runs quietly and, when not in use, uses less energy than a nightlight.

A spokesperson for Albion said: “Apple TV is another fantastic product from Apple and we believe it could revolutionise the way students learn in the classroom. Those who have an iPad can easily stream a wide variety of content to a projector or smartboard, meaning they can show the whole class what they have produced. The redesigned format is now also a lot smaller, quieter and more energy efficient – it really is in a league of its own at the moment. We are offering Apple TV for the great price of £101 inc VAT, so it won’t cost the earth to grab one of the best pieces of kit on the market at the moment.”

For more information on Albion and their fantastic range of Apple products, visit their website at or call 020 7212 9090.

About Albion:

Albion is a leading, Apple-authorised service provider of warranty repairs and products manufactured by Apple for business and education purposes, offering Macs, iPads, iPods and a host of other creative products and accessories. From their own iStores, located in London, Northamtonshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk and Essex, Albion invites customers to explore a vast range of Apple products and make use of their team’s expertise in this innovative technology.


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