Chelmsford, United Kingdom (09 June 2011) – AssessmentDay, an industry leader in online aptitude tests and numerical reasoning tests, have commented on the increasing popularity of video recording assessment centres amongst employers that are keen to vet candidates for prospective roles as thoroughly as possible.

The ongoing economic slump has created a job market that is as competitive as any in recent memory, with many people choosing to carry on working beyond the default pension age in an effort to protect their long-term futures. This has led to graduate unemployment numbers reaching a fifteen year high, as there simply aren’t enough jobs to go around.

Such is the volume of applicants for the majority of vacancies these days; many employers are turning to video recording assessments during the recruitment process. This allows employers to go back and re-watch assessments, which can be particularly helpful if there are a large number of candidates spread across several days.

Video assessments also allow candidates to display their skills without the need for travelling to an assessment centre, which can be advantageous to candidates who would have to travel long-distance, leaving them jaded and potentially affecting their performance.

Some have criticised video recording assessments, claiming that knowing beforehand that they’ll be recorded could cause added anxiety for candidates, while filming them in secret could be considered unethical.

“There are definitely pros and cons to consider with video recording assessment centres,” commented a spokesperson for AssessmentDay. “With so many people competing for each vacancy it’s obvious why employers want to make the recruitment process as comprehensive as possible. Remote assessments could definitely be seen as a positive step for candidates who would otherwise have to travel a long way, though the strain of knowing they’re being recorded for further scrutiny could negate that.

“Unfortunately it may be the case that job seekers will simply have to get used to video recording assessments, as the practice is becoming increasingly common.”

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