England – 06/01/2012Despite the slow down in migration demand for cheap international calls remains strong

The number of people coming from abroad to live in the UK, either permanently or temporarily, has really slowed down in the past few years. The expectation was that demand for cheap international calls would also slow down, but this has yet to happen. Given that migrant workers and foreign students made up the biggest market for these kinds of phone calls the fact that demand is still strong is quite surprising.

Where new demand for cheap international calls is coming from now

New demand for cheap international calls is coming from several other sectors and balancing out the fall in demand from the core customer base. People who have settled permanently in the UK are spending more time and money staying in touch with their family who still live abroad. They are cutting back in other areas of their lives, but not on staying in touch with their extended family.

Over Christmas, a lot of UK citizens used cheap call services rather than using their landline. They cut back on everything including calls to friends and families abroad, so bought cheap call credits when they could.

More and more UK citizens, especially the young, are leaving to try to find a job abroad. Lots of young students are also deciding to study abroad in an effort to avoid having to pay high tuition fees. Their families are staying in touch using their phones, so demand for cheap international calls is growing from this sector of the population.

The UK’s business community is looking abroad for new customers and are using cheap international calls to stay in touch with their new customers. Being able to buy cheap international calls as and when they need them, rather than being tied into permanent contracts, is especially important for them. For this reason firms like PocketDial.com are getting a good share of this emerging market. Pocket Dial has always made sure that their customers do not have to be tied into a permanent and costly contract to benefit from their services.




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