Gloucester, United Kingdom (21 January, 2011) – BiGDUG, the UK’s number one for low cost shelving, racking and storage solutions, reveal that their current selection of industrial trucks and trolleys has been expanded by 100%.

The collection of BiGDUG’s purpose-built trolleys and trucks designed to accommodate the needs of different businesses – including cylinder-handling, drum-handling, garment rail, shopping, cash and carry and retail trolleys; as well as stairclimber sack, platform, and turntable trucks – has continued to grow since the company’s initial conception in 2004.

This monumental, vast expansion in particular has seen the stock of the company’s most in-demand trucks and trolleys soar, and serves as a turning point to mark BiGDUG’s ongoing prevalence and success in the online storage retail sector.

“Whether you company sells clothes, traditional supermarket products or specialises in providing DIY equipment and tools, our selection of trucks and trolleys are designed to be used in your establishment by customers and employees alike. You will find a selection of cash and carry and shopping trolleys perfect for customers to use in any large supermarket or warehouse-based retailer, as well as secure and stable trolleys and industrial trucks for handling various weights of stock and transporting them with ease around a shop floor or stock room warehouse,” commented Doug Nourse, Managing Director of BiGDUG. “The team here at BiGDUG are delighted that the demand of such trolleys and industrial trucks is such that we have been compelled to double the amount of products we have in stock, and look forward to seeing more indicators of such success in 2011.”

For more information about BiGDUG and to learn more about their ranges of trucks and trolleys, visit their website or telephone 0845 966 6000.

About BiGDUG:

Established in 2004, BiGDUG offer high quality storage products including shelving, racking and accessories, which all meet EU quality standards and are backed by BiGDUG’s satisfaction guarantee. BiGDUG also use their own distribution centre to ensure swift delivery, shipping thousands of parcels every week across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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Tel: 0845 966 6000.