London, United Kingdom (October 18th, 2011) Mazuma Mobile, the UK’s leading online mobile phone recycler, today announced a huge rush to their website from consumers planning to upgrade their iPhone. This follows the lead up to, and announcement by Apple that the iPhone 4S will be released in the UK market on October 14th.

Since rumours of the new iPhone announcement hit the media on Monday, the mobile phone recycler is receiving over 30,000 hits a day to their website.

“Last year we recycled over 100,000 iPhone 3G and 3GS following the release of iPhone 4,” said Charlo Carabott, MD Mazuma Mobile. “After waiting 15 months for a new version of the phone, there is probably a lot of disappointment that the iPhone 5 was not announced, but we are still seeing an unexpectedly high volume of traffic to the site – over half of which are iPhone searches. The ability to recycle their old iPhone model to pay for an upgrade is an attractive option for consumers.”

“We advise consumers to choose only reputable mobile phone recyclers and ensure they delete their data before sending their phones in for recycling.”

Old iPhones can be worth up to £280 with Mazuma Mobile, depending on the model and memory size.  Unlike some other recyclers, Mazuma does not deduct value for cosmetic wear and tear and offers fixed values for both working and non-working handsets.

Mazuma provides a free data deletion tool on its website and is the only mobile phone recycler to offer a Fast Payment option, with money transferred into customers’ accounts on the same day the phone is received.

For more information on Mazuma Mobile’s cash for phones services, please call 0845 872 3000 or visit

About Mazuma Mobile:

Mazuma Mobile recycles more mobile phones than any other online recycling company, having paid out over £115 million to consumers since 2006 and is the UK’s leading independent and fastest growing company in this sector. Mazuma’s customers get some of the best prices, fastest payment and Mazuma’s renowned customer service that surpasses expectations. Regarded as the authority on the used mobile phone market, Mazuma is the company that others follow. Mazuma is committed to safely and efficiently recycling old mobile phones and helping the less fortunate benefit in the most environmentally friendly way.


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