England – 17/11/2011 – UK based online firm ‘Special Piping Materials’ supplies piping materials such as seamless pipes, flanges, forged fittings and more, making the most of materials such as Inconel 625.

There are many commercial applications for which highly robust and versatile materials are required for products such as pipes, flanges and fittings. Nickel alloys are often chosen for such products due to their many advantageous mechanical properties, and a particularly popular nickel based alloy is Inconel 625. This alloy is sturdy, offering such advantages as corrosion and oxidation resistance, not to mention the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 2000°F (1093°C).

That latter property has long made Inconel 625 a particularly popular choice of alloy for such high heat appliances as heat shields, spray bars, gas turbines, furnaces and even certain sea water applications. And for companies that are in need of products that are made out of such a reliable alloy, there are few better suppliers to which to turn than Special Piping Materials, which with its website at www.spm.co.uk, is well-placed to assist with all of a company’s Inconel 625 needs.

The perfect alloy for a range of specialist projects

Any company that requires an alloy that can withstand both high heat and a long period of exposure to water is sure to appreciate the many qualities of Inconel 625, and Special Piping Materials provides Inconel 625 products from its extensive range to ensure that there is something to match the requirements of any and every company project. It is one thing to see the gap in the market for Inconel 625 products, however, and quite another thing to act on it – which is exactly what Special Piping Materials has done.

A Special Piping Materials spokesperson commented: “Inconel 625 offers so many advantages when it comes to all manner of potential applications. Whether you need to use this material for a furnace, heat shield, spray bar, gas turbine or any of the other possibilities that it offers, you’ll want to source Inconel 625 products from a reputable company. Here at Special Piping Materials, we take pride in our top quality products and responsive customer service.”

With the Internet retaining its popularity amongst so many companies as a place to look for Inconel 625 products, www.spm.co.uk would appear to be in a strong position to make a real impact in its industry for years to come.




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