Broadband Hull choices for business can be quite limited.  Our company feels that this isn’t the way to handle a competitive, healthy market, so have begun to provide broadband and sundry services in a package for all business that require it.

Our broadband has the competitive edge

While we won’t claim to be the cheapest, our business broadband can provide what others fail to – we offer broadband that is both supportive and solidly backs business.  Our provisions mean that your broadband should be available when you need it – no worries about needing to contact a tech support team that might not speak your language, or not understand what you’re asking for, we’re based locally and we have the ability to offer you the best product at an affordable, competitive price.

Our competitive edge stems from the idea that we like competition – and feel that all businesses should have a choice when it comes to telecommunications provision.  Why would you stick with a broadband provider that didn’t meet your needs if you could choose one that was business oriented, and offered packages tailored to you and your needs, not arbitrary residential limits?

We specialise in competitive packages

One of the major reasons we specialise in competitive packages if we’ve encountered it ourselves – if you’re looking for a business broadband package for any service that requires a lot of uploads, such as web design, unless you get an unlimited broadband package, you may be tied to an account that’s too big for your needs – and therefore too expensive.  Your business service might actually be a residential service, repackaged, which means you may find yourself limited and capped when you least expect it.  Why risk it when we can offer a competitive, strong, bundled or unbundled telecom service with a solid track record and great provisioning in Hull?  Broadband Hull shouldn’t be difficult to find and we believe that in making it easier, we are enriching the lives of businesses and making Hull an attractive new hub for internet and social networking based start-ups.  And we have the solution for you – just ask!

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Broadband Hull offers a great service for businesses in Hull bundled with or without other telecommunication services.


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