England – 06/12/2011 – Despite many migrant workers returning home demand for international cheap calls has continued to rise

The lack of work in many parts of the world, in particular Europe, has meant that many migrant workers have had little choice but to return to their country of origin. Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has also led many to return home. Despite this demand for international cheap calls remains high across the globe, even in Europe which has seen the biggest drop in migrant workers.

This came as a bit of a surprise to many of the industries providers, but none the less a welcome surprise because they had expected the global downturn to impact negatively on their businesses.

Why Demand for International Cheap Calls Is On The Rise

The exact reason why demand for international cheap calls has continued to rise despite the recession is not 100% clear because providers have no real way of working out what types of calls their clients are making. However, there is outside evidence that in an effort to cut overheads firms in Europe are casting their procurement nets further afield.

If a firm needed a product or service prior to the recession they would have shopped around for that product or service. However, the difference is that whereas they would have done so locally, now they are doing so globally. More international business connections are being built as a result.

Couple that with the fact that firms are looking to China, India, Brazil and Russia for new customers and you can see why the level of international calls made is rising. The need to drive down costs means that those calls are now taking place using providers of international cheap calls, whose traditional customer base used to be migrant workers.

Pocket Dial UK have many new business clients as a result of their flexible approach to providing international cheap calls. The fact that there is no need to set up an account with them and that they offer a wide array of call packages positions them perfectly to take advantage of this new and growing customer base.




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