England – 13/8/2011Greater energy efficiency and lower running costs are two of the advantages of the new home developments from leading British property developers ‘Redrow’.

Many people are excited about the prospect of moving into a new home, especially if it involves relocating to a more attractive part of the country, which is resplendent with exciting educational and career opportunities. However, there are many problems, especially related to financial running costs and security, which can beset those who opt to move into pre-owned buildings. Outdated security features, for instance, can be detrimental to their peace of mind, while energy inefficient lighting and heating systems can result in heftier annual energy bills.

However, problems like these can be averted should people instead opt to move into one of the high quality new home developments that are offered through the website of top UK developers ‘Redrow’, at http://www.redrow.co.uk. All of the firm’s new home developments come with certain useful features, like fitted smoke alarms, fire resistant materials, modern locks and double glazed windows, as standard.

New home developments fit for modern living

Lower running costs are one significant incentive for purchasing any of these new home developments. The average cost of upgrading an older home to the quality of a brand new build is judged to be about £30,000, minus all of the additional associated time, inconvenience and misery. Research carried out by National Energy Services after being commissioned by the New Homes Marketing Board also suggests that owners of energy efficient new home developments, in comparison to those of older-style homes, could save up to £556 every year, on average, on their energy bills.

A ‘Redrow’ spokesperson stated: “New home developments in general have so many great features, but our new home developments have even more. For example, our customers can choose from a generous selection of finishes within our standard specification, not to mention many optional upgrades, to ensure that the property best suits their particular purposes.”

The World Wide Web (WWW) is being used more and more often by people seeking reliable and trusted suppliers of top quality new home developments, suggesting that an increasing volume of people could be attracted to the new home developments available through the ‘Redrow’ website, at http://www.redrow.co.uk, during the approaching years.


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