England – 10/08/2011Working at home completing consumer surveys just got a whole lot easier now that Paid Surveys UK have entered the market.

If you are looking for a little extra income completing surveys can be a good way of earning it. You can do it on your PC in the comfort of your own home and any member of the family could qualify to do so. There are now dozens of companies out there who are prepared to pay UK residents for sharing their opinion or sharing details of their shopping habits.

However, souring the web to find those survey companies who accept UK participants can be a time consuming process. Fortunately there is an answer in the form the website www.paidsurveys.uk.com. The good people at Paid Surveys UK have searched the UK’s survey market and pulled together a list of all of the legitimate survey companies operating in the UK. That list is accessible to any UK resident via their website along with tips and advice on completing surveys and earning more money doing so.

Why Choose Paid Surveys UK?

In the current economic climate every little bit of extra income a household can get makes the difference between making ends meet and not paying the mortgage, which is why using the service Paid Surveys UK provides makes so much sense.

There are other websites out there that provide a similar service, but unbelievably they charge as much as £30 for sending you their, often out of date, list of survey companies. Paid Surveys UK’s list is free and is maintained online, so is easily accessible and always up to date.

Horror stories of people who have paid for work opportunities only to find that they have been duped abound and in the current economic climate more and more people are falling victim to these scams. Paid Surveys UK protect their users from this experience because they vet all of the survey panels they recommend. Any rogue panels are automatically struck off the list meaning that if someone completes a survey they get paid.

If you want to earn some extra income in the comfort of your own home then www.paidsurveys.uk.com is the place to go, you can even sign up the kids for some survey panels.



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