Halifax, United Kingdom (25 February, 2011) – Harrison Lighting, a leading UK home lighting company, unveil a new product in their security lighting range.

The new product, GuardCam, is a revolutionary combination of security camera and floodlight system, which can record video footage or still images. It features an eco-friendly grade C 230w halogen lamp, which offers vibrant security lighting at lower running costs. The digital camera is high resolution, can record night images in high clarity and full-colour, and also saves recordings and images straight to a 2GB SD card with a holding capacity of 750 twenty-second video sessions or 1500 still images.

GuardCam uses PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion detector technology to detect intruders at a distance of up to 12 metres from the unit, and can also be adjusted to avoid false triggers such as passing animals or cars. Once triggered, GuardCam can relay one of three trespass warnings to ward off any intruders, as well as attracting attention.

Chris Harrison, Sales Director of Harrison Lighting, commented: “The GuardCam is a fantastic new addition to our range of security lighting, which employs the latest technology to provide thorough surveillance and property protection. We are sure that our valued customers will find that the GuardCam’s cutting-edge blend of dual security systems will bring a heightened peace of mind. We consistently aim to deliver the most innovative products at the best prices, giving people the most reliable and effective home and business security.”

For more information on Harrison Lighting and their new GuardCam, visit their website at http://www.harrisonlighting.co.uk/ or telephone 01422 363525.

About Harrison Lighting:

Harrison Lighting is a contemporary company that specialise in the latest light fittings for the home or office. With 60 years’ experience in the industry, this remarkable family-run company have become one of the UK’s leading lighting specialists. Modern in their methodology they can provide affordable lighting solutions across the UK for either domestic or industrial applications through their website or their showrooms, located in Halifax, Dewsbury, Rochdale and Bradford

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