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[25/04/12] The Formations Company are company formation agents operating online to offer you the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to set up a new company.

There are a selection of options when choosing to start up a company, you can choose a private limited company by shares, which means that the business is owned by shares with minimal risk, as you will only be liable for the value of your initial investment. There is also a public liability company, which is very much the same as the private limited company by shares, except the shares can be sold to the public.

There are also private companies limited by a guarantee and private unlimited companies. Private companies limited by a guarantee do not have owners; these are businesses such as non-profit organizations or charities, while the private unlimited companies mean the member’s liability is completely unlimited.

The Advantages of Limited Companies

There are advantages to opening a limited company, which is the reason this is the firm choice for many business owners. Using company formation agents to open a business of this nature means that your assets are not at risk, they tend to be more affordable, especially when it comes to taxes and ownership can be changed easily, the ideal solution if you are in a partnership. The other great advantage of limited companies is the ability to leave them dormant until you are ready.

Important Facts to Consider

Important things to consider when approaching company formation agents such as The Formation Company is to carefully consider the name you wish to use, double check before registering that you are able to get a domain name that is the same. This is a mistake many business owners make and the internet is the only way forward for marketing campaigns in this technological era.

You also need to realise that Companies House have placed rules when it comes to naming your company. These rules include that you cannot choose a name that is the same as another company name nor can it be offensive. Further you cannot have “limited” or “unlimited” in the name except at the end.


The Formations Company offer an efficient system to complete your company submission to Companies House online. These company formation agents offer a 100% secure platform which enables you to sign up a new company within minutes and have it completed within three hours.

There are over 30,000 people using this service every year and The Formations Company handles one in ten company formations in the UK.


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