Halifax, United Kingdom (March 22, 2010) – Harrison Lighting, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical goods and specialists in home lighting, is delighted to announce the launch of a new range of children’s lighting solutions, available online now.

So far, the best-selling product in the Children’s Lighting range has been the Monaco Motorbike Children’s Pendant Light, manufactured by Searchlight, which is a novelty halogen light within a Harley Davidson motorcycle-shaped ceiling pendant. The drop between the Monaco Motorbike and a ceiling can be adjusted between 80 and 210 cm, and its maximum wattage is 2 X 25W and 1 X 35W.

As well as pendants, Harrison Lighting also stock a range of ceiling lights, such as the Kico Meria Butterfly Ceiling Light, designed by Massive, which features several colourful butterflies hanging from a fuchsia-coloured, flower-shaped ceiling light. The flower look is completed by a 40W golf ball type bulb.

There is also the option of desk lights in the Harrison Children’s Lighting collection, with Massive’s Kico Waldo the Dog Desk Light being a popular choice. Waldo is a halogen light, using a 10W bulb encased in blue, dog-shaped plastic that is suitable for use on any flat surface.

“We are extremely pleased with the quality and variety of the products in our new Children’s Lighting range,” commented a spokesperson for Harrison Lighting. “We know how much time and careful planning goes into decorating children’s bedrooms, and how important a role a bedroom can play in helping a child feel safe and comfortable at night. With our bright and colourful selection of children’s lights, we’re confident that our customers will have no problem creating a fun, vibrant atmosphere for their children to develop in.”

For more information about Harrison Lighting and their new range of children’s lights, visit http://www.harrisonlighting.co.uk/ or telephone 01422 363525.

About Harrison Lighting:

Harrison Lighting is a leading UK supplier of electrical goods, such as domestic lighting. Their range of traditional and modern lighting fittings and fixtures can be incorporated into any home, and can be used for domestic or commercial purposes.


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