Trolex has launched a new micro-site,, dedicated to its Sentrum advanced methane recovery monitoring system for Clean Development Mechanism, gas-to-energy and environmental safety projects.

Sentrum systems utilise state of the art software to deliver the most accurate and reliable methane recovery monitoring on the market today.

The site provides an explanation of methane emissions in relation to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which allows companies in developing countries involved in industrial processes to participate in methane capture in order to trade carbon credits with developed nations. The CDM forms part of the Kyoto Protocol, promoting methane capture in return for financial reward to encourage sustainable development through the adoption of cleaner energy sources and more efficient industrial processes.

Information regarding power generation from methane captured from mining activity, industrial process and landfill locations also known as ‘gas to energy’ or ‘waste to energy’, is also available on the new microsite. The accuracy of measurements for methane recovery is absolutely critical in such projects, not only to account for gas quantums and to protect lives, but also to ensure that rapid changes in gas quality do not damage combined heat and power and other engines being driven by the gas.

The microsite also features the latest Sentrum news and an archive of reports regarding the systems alongside a number of current project stories including installations at Maltby Colliery, an operational coal mine in the UK and the installation of six Sentrum systems in the Goldfields Limited Beatrix Gold Mine as part of a mine-wide CDM, gas-to-energy and safety monitoring project.

Trolex designs, develops and installs custom-made monitoring packages for methane drainage and methane extraction monitoring. The gas detectors & systems are precision-engineered to meet the needs of each individual project, and are installed by a dedicated engineering team to ensure full system compatibility and safety integrity for working in hazardous areas.

Further details are available from Trolex Ltd., on 0161 483 1435, email or or by visiting the new website directly at