FLEXXiLease Offers a Genuine Alternative for Cash Strapped Motorists

England 17/08/2012- FLEXXiLease customers are one of a growing band of customers who are deciding to lease their cars rather than buy

Until fairly recently leasing a car was something that only businessmen and women, in the UK, did. In other countries, it was also something that was popular with celebrities who regularly changed their cars. Today, FLEXXiLease lease cars to private individuals as well as companies.

As with so many things in modern life ordinary people are discovering that the way businesses manage their overheads can sometimes work well for them. When it comes to owning and running a car this is certainly true. Leasing is a great way of solving cash flow problems and keeping the cost of running a vehicle at manageable levels.

Leasing a car enables you to drive a new vehicle for a pre-agreed period. In the case of FLEXiLease this means 3-24 months. With prices, starting as low as £113.27 per month, for a 24-month contract, on a car like the Citroen C1 their service is proving extremely popular.

Clients love the idea of driving a brand-new vehicle, which will not let them down. In addition, they do not need to worry about road tax, MOT’s or servicing because that is included in the lease price. For a family on a tight budget knowing exactly how much your motoring costs will be each month is critical.

The only motoring cost you need to worry about yourself is insurance. If you are only leasing a vehicle for three months, FLEXXiLEASE can direct you to a company that offers short-term insurance. There is no need to lose out and have to pay for a year’s insurance on a vehicle that you are only leasing for a few months.

FLEXXiLease bears the loss

Owning a new car in this way also gets around the depreciatio shock you experience when you buy a vehicle yourself. There is no hassle at the end the lease period trying to sell the vehicle second-hand and realising that you have lost tens of thousands of pounds because of depreciation. To get a new car all you need to do is to sign a new lease. However, should you not want to sign a new lease there is no obligation to do so. Unsurprisingly, the Flexxilease.co.uk website is attracting hundreds of visitors every week, and increasingly cash-strapped motorists are turning to them for their motoring needs.

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