London, United Kingdom (30 June, 2011) – Quality Diamonds, one of the UK’s largest certified diamond retailers operating both online and offline through their sales offices in Hatton Garden and Milton Keynes, comment on the royal engagement ring legacy.

Quality Diamonds is a leading diamond retailer that specialises in stunning diamond jewellery, such as engagement rings, diamond earrings and wedding rings. Quality Diamond’s customers can choose from over 90,000 certified diamonds for their diamond jewellery option, and their order will be presented in a stunning presentation box.

Quality Diamonds recently commented on the royal engagement ring legacy as Princess Catherine’s ring has the same cut that they provide to their customers. The timeless and beautiful round brilliant cut engagement ring was formerly Lady Diana’s ring and has recently been passed down to Prince William’s new bride. The round brilliant cut ring has a standard of 57 facets and the design was cut to provide maximum optics which creates a sparkle. Passing heirlooms down to family members is an extremely popular tradition with generations from across the globe entrusting other generations with their cherished jewellery.

A spokesperson for Quality Diamonds commented: “Similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, many families pass down jewellery heirlooms from generations to generations. Here at Quality Diamonds we offer many settings which can breathe a new life into a treasured family heirloom. As the Duchess’s ring is extremely famous across the globe, this ring cut is one of the most sought after diamond rings and we can offer a range of round brilliant cut diamond rings which are incredibly beautiful and timeless.”

For more information on Quality Diamond and their round brilliant cut rings, visit their website at or telephone 0800 999 5040.

About Quality Diamonds:

With offices in both Hatton Garden and Milton Keynes, Quality Diamonds has become one of the UK’s largest Certified Diamond search facilities, offering a choice of over 90,000 diamonds. Quality Diamonds is the third successful website developed and run by the family owned Gems4Less Limited. The company benefits from many years experience in the diamond industry and are wholly committed to providing the very best diamond buying experience. Their balance of superb customer service, exquisite products and outstanding prices ensures they remain as market leaders in the online jewellery Industry.

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