Cheshire, United Kingdom (28 June, 2011) – Watt Works Consulting Ltd, a dynamic consulting, training and coaching company that helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable performance improvement, is pleased to announce that it has developed a new course in the use of NLP Skills for Customer Service.

This stimulating course will be offered at a number of UK venues in the near future, including London, Cheshire and Belfast.  It can also be delivered in-house to interested organisations.

In the modern world, customers in most sectors have a considerable variety of choice as to who they select to supply the goods and services that they desire.  In attracting new customers and retaining existing business, the provision of satisfying customer experiences can be a critical factor.  Few customers expect everything to be perfect, but they do expect that any dissatisfaction they have will be dealt with in a respectful, concerned and appropriate manner.

The NLP for Customer Services course looks at the customer and employee satisfaction experience through an empowering NLP perspective.  Rather than acquiescing in an adversarial approach to customer interactions or believing that a prescriptive customer service template is the best way to approach this area, we use NLP skills to identify the individual patterns and inner strategies of a wide spectrum of unique customers.  This empowers our delegates to communicate with and build rapport with many different customers without trying to pigeon-hole them or apply an inflexible approach.  We look at the overall quality of the customer service interaction and consider its effect on the employee as well as the customer.  By looking at this inter-personal ‘system’ we will teach students how to look after themselves and manage their own resourcefulness in potentially challenging situations.

Not only are these skills useable in situations where there is already conflict – they can also build sound customer relations skills in order to avoid your customer relationships developing into conflict situations in the first place.

The end result is not only greater customer satisfaction but also greater job satisfaction for your staff who can anticipate spending time in their place of work enjoying more harmonious relationships with the people they interact with every day.  We believe this is important in terms of staff health, well-being and staff retention.

This exciting, interactive 2-day course will be delivered by the Watt Works’ Director of Training, Damian Hamill, a Certified NLP Trainer, who commented:

“Enabling your staff to establish positive, comfortable and flexible relationships with your customers – even in situations where there is disagreement – is of enormous benefit to you, your employees and your customers.  The skills we teach, many of them based upon NLP concepts, can empower your people to build just that type of relationship, leading to more satisfying interactions for all parties, greater staff retention, improved customer loyalty and a greater prospect of resolving disagreement at an early stage to the agreement of everyone.”

For more information on Watt Works and their courses, visit their website at or telephone 01565-759893.

About Watt Works:

Watt Works are a UK based company specialising in a range of consulting, training and coaching services, such as business coaching, management consultancy and management development training. They can help participants improve aspects of their personality which can help them achieve personal and professional dreams. They can deliver courses to organisations or individuals, and are available on an open programme or in-house.

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