Although it is difficult to determine exactly the top five most common jobs in the UK, here is more information for those looking to train for IT jobs, or some of the jobs thought to be the most common in the UK.


A bartender is a person who serves beverages behind a bar in a wine bar, pub or similar setting. In addition to this responsibility, bartenders also take payment from customers as well as maintaining glassware and other bar supplies. Bar work is not considered a long-term profession on the whole here in the UK, and as a result is associated with high staff turnover and low wages.

A chef, meanwhile, is defined as a person who cooks professionally for other people. The term traditionally refers to a professional who is highly skilled and proficient in every aspect of the preparation of food, although it has more recently come to be used to refer to anyone who cooks for a living. There is generally a four year training period to be a chef, with a rate of pay to match the training status.

The first two jobs mentioned have both been in relation to a pub or restaurant, showcasing the fact that the British society heavily revolves around eating and drinking away from the home.  However, another popular job that rivals the bartender and chef for the most common job in the UK is that of a retail assistant.
Sales Assistants

Sales assistants work across every retail area in settings such as high street outlets, retail parks and superstores. Their typical work activities include liaising with clients in all areas of sales, as well as meeting set sales targets. Sales assistants may be expected to have an interest in or knowledge of a particular retail area, such as high fashion or IT, for certain roles. The best sales assistants combine diplomacy with good negotiation skills.
Waiting Staff

Waiting staff are people who work in a restaurant or bar attending customers and supplying them with their requested food and drink. Waiting duties include preparing tables for a meal, taking customers’ orders, serving drinks and food and cleaning up before, during and after restaurant servings. Many waiters are paid the minimum wage, although it is customary in the UK to tip 10% of the cost of the meal.


Another common job is teaching, in primary or secondary schools. Teachers may develop schemes of work and plan lessons with imagination, creativity and humour and in the process create a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom while communicating effectively with pupils. They are required to encourage, monitor and record pupils’ progress and use their resources as needed. They are expected to keep themselves updated on the most recent developments in their subject area, as well as on new methods, resources and national objectives.

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