Players And Collectors Can Benefit From The Latest Themed Chess Sets

London, UK September 5th 2012 – Chess is considered by many of its advocates as being a game of strategy that is not unlike planning a battle or war. As such, of the various themed chess sets that are available, many of them are based on historical wars and battlefield disputes. With that said, it is possible to enjoy many different themes and there is a great selection available for anybody, whether they are looking to start a new chess collection or find the ideal chess set for playing at home.

2012 was remarkable for a number of reasons, not least the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the occasion was marked with celebrations that went on for several weeks. There were regattas, sail-pasts, church services, and concerts to help celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, the second longest serving monarch after Queen Victoria, having been on the throne for 50 years. Anybody looking to commemorate the occasion themselves could also buy an array of items including a high quality themed chess set.

Children’s tales and class novels lend themselves perfectly to the design of themed chess sets. One such example is the Alice in Wonderland set. This set is based on the characters of the Lewis Carroll novel and as well as Alice herself, the set contains characters like the White Rabbit, the Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts; a true tribute to what many consider to be one of the most endearing books ever written. is an online chess shop that offers a vast array of high quality chess sets. It is also the website belonging to Studio Ann Carlton, crafters of Isle of Lewis chess sets that have adorned some of the grandest homes and been used by avid players for many years now.

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